The Little Hungry Pig

The Little Hungry Pig

A tale by Mira Dimitrova, 8 years old

The little pig - Copy (2)

Once upon a time there was a pig named Marco. He loved to eat everything but not grass.

One day he even ate all the food and they told him to go to someone else’s house. And he decided to go to his cousin Prascho. And so he walked and walked and walked and walked and met a wolf.

“Do you want to come and visit with me tonight?” the Wolf asked.

“No,” Marco answered.

“Don’t be scared, I’m a vegetarian wolf.”

“Then OK!” Marco shouted cheerfully. And so they skipped joyfully to the wolf’s home.

And therefore there they got at the wolf’s home.

“I’m hungry!” Marco cried.

“Guess what! Tonight we are going to eat outside.”

“Hooray!” shouted Marco.

“Guess what we will be eating today?

“What?” curiously asked Marco.

“My favorite grass!”

“I hate grass!” Marco shouted.

“Then go to eat somewhere else!” the wolf said crossly. Marco ran. He was so angry because the wolf wanted him to eat grass. It was exactly the opposite of his favorite food! While he was thinking about all these things it started getting darker and darker then it started raining! He looked around and he saw a little white house. He ran inside and what he saw! His cousin Prascho! And so Marco lived there with his friend happily forever!


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